My name is Ace Swerling and I’ve been an IT consultant for 25 years with a focus on identity and security for the last 20. I became interested in computers in eighth grade and things took off as I saw the potential for this technology to revolutionize humanity. My passion is for helping make sense of the societal changes enabled via computing technology.

More specifically, my technical background is in network operating systems, messaging, and security, but became interested in security as a proxy for a well-designed system. I’ve found that IT environments that run well have good security and those without good security do not run well. I’ve seen many insecure and poorly architected environments over the years and my clients haven’t seemed to understand why they needed to make them better or how to do it.

I believe we must fix the (in)security problem for computers to meet people’s existing expectations and to reach their potential in revolutionizing societies and commerce. If not, there is the possibility of substantial loss and instability. I hope my contributions may help improve this situation.

I’m currently the cybersecurity lead at Unify Consulting, a well-rounded and growing firm based in Seattle.